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Rodent Removal Services

Holder’s Pest Control & Wildlife Services: The Ultimate Solution for Residential Rodent Removal in North Georgia


Rodents, like mice and rats, can cause serious damage to your home and health.

They can chew through walls, wires, and pipes, and spread diseases such as Hantavirus, salmonella, and leptospirosis. If you’re experiencing a rodent infestation, it’s crucial to act quickly and seek professional help. Holder’s Pest Control & Wildlife Services is the leading rodent removal company in North Georgia, serving Athens, Jefferson, Gainesville, Buford, Winder, Braselton, and surrounding areas. With over 50 years of experience in pest control and wildlife management, we have the expertise and knowledge to eliminate any rodent infestation in your home.

Expert Rodent Removal Services

At Holder’s Pest Control & Wildlife Services, we provide comprehensive rodent removal services that include inspection, trapping, exclusion, and cleanup. Our licensed and trained technicians use the latest techniques and equipment to locate rodent nests, identify entry points, and create a customized plan to eradicate the infestation. We also use safe and humane trapping methods to remove the rodents from your home and release them in a safe location. Our exclusion services ensure that all entry points are sealed to prevent future infestations. Our technicians will also provide a thorough cleanup of affected areas, including removal of droppings and sanitizing surfaces.

Why Choose Holder’s Pest Control & Wildlife Services for Rodent Removal:

  • Experienced and knowledgeable technicians
  • Safe and effective treatments
  • Humane removal methods
  • Prevention services to keep rodents from returning
  • Competitive and affordable pricing
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Comprehensive pest control services for all types of pests

Don’t let rodents take over your home or business. Contact Holder’s Pest Control & Wildlife Services today for safe and effective rodent removal services. Our experienced technicians will quickly and efficiently remove rodents from your property and provide prevention services to keep them from coming back. With our competitive pricing, flexible scheduling options, and comprehensive pest control services, we are the top choice for rodent removal in North Georgia. Don’t wait – call us today to schedule your free estimate and take the first step towards a pest-free property.


Protect your family and home from rodent infestations.

Rodents can cause significant damage to homes and businesses, and they can also spread diseases and contaminate food sources. That’s why it’s essential to have professional rodent removal services from Holder’s Pest Control & Wildlife Services in North Georgia. Our experienced technicians use safe and effective treatments to remove rodents from your property quickly and efficiently.

Damage and Diseases Caused by Rodents

Rodents can cause serious health risks to humans and pets, making it crucial to take immediate action when you suspect an infestation. Here are some of the dangers and diseases associated with rodents:

  • Hantavirus: This rare but potentially fatal respiratory disease is caused by exposure to infected rodents’ droppings, urine, or saliva. Symptoms include fever, headache, muscle aches, coughing, and shortness of breath. In severe cases, it can lead to kidney failure and even death.
  • Salmonella: Rodents can carry this bacteria, which can contaminate food sources and cause food poisoning in humans. Symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and abdominal cramps.
  • Leptospirosis: This bacterial infection can be transmitted through contact with rodents’ urine or contaminated water sources. Symptoms include fever, headache, muscle aches, vomiting, and jaundice.
  • Rat-bite fever: This bacterial infection is transmitted through contact with rodents’ saliva, urine, or droppings, or through a bite or scratch from an infected rodent. Symptoms include fever, chills, vomiting, and a rash.

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We guarantee our pest control services with free callbacks in between services and a 1-year warranty on our wildlife removal services.


Safe & Humane Rodent Removal

Holder’s Wildlife Removal Services is your go-to solution for protecting your property from the damage and hazards caused by wildlife intruders. Our team of experienced wildlife removal specialists has been serving residential and commercial properties for over a decade, offering safe, humane, and effective wildlife removal services.

Types of Rodents in North Georgia

North Georgia is home to several types of rodents that can invade your home, including mice, rats, and squirrels. Here are some of the characteristics of each type of rodent:

  • House Mouse: These small rodents are the most common type of rodent found in North Georgia homes. They are about 2-3 inches long and can fit through small openings in walls, floors, and roofs. They can reproduce rapidly, with females giving birth to as many as six litters per year.
  • Norway Rat: These larger rats can cause significant damage to homes and businesses. They can grow up to 18 inches long, including their tail, and they have brown or gray fur. Norway rats are excellent climbers and can enter buildings through small openings.
  • Roof Rat: These rats have black or brown fur and are smaller than Norway rats, with a tail that is longer than their body. Roof rats are excellent climbers and can enter buildings through openings as small as a quarter inch.
  • Eastern Gray Squirrel: These squirrels are not always considered pests, but they can cause significant damage when they make their way into homes and attics. They chew through wires and insulation and can contaminate food sources.
  • Flying Squirrel: These nocturnal squirrels have a unique ability to glide from tree to tree using flaps of skin between their legs. They can be found in wooded areas and can enter homes through small openings in attics and walls.
  • Chipmunk: Similar to squirrels, chipmunks are not always considered pests. However, they can cause significant damage to gardens and landscaping when they dig tunnels and burrow.
  • Groundhog: Also known as woodchucks, groundhogs can cause significant damage to gardens and landscaping. They dig extensive tunnels and can chew through electrical wires and pipes.
  • Voles: These small rodents are often mistaken for mice or rats, but they have short tails and rounded ears. Voles live in underground tunnels and can cause damage to gardens and landscaping by eating plant roots.
  • Pocket Gopher: These burrowing rodents have large front teeth and are known for creating extensive underground tunnels. They can cause significant damage to gardens and landscaping by eating plant roots and creating holes in the ground.

It’s important to identify the type of rodent you are dealing with to effectively address the infestation. Contact Holder’s Pest Control & Wildlife Services for professional rodent removal services that can help protect your property and your family from the dangers of rodent infestations.


Experience matters when it comes to rodent removal.

When it comes to rodent removal, experience matters. At Holder’s Pest Control & Wildlife Services, we have years of experience working with all types of rodents found in North Georgia. Our trained technicians use safe and effective treatments to remove rodents from your property quickly and efficiently, while also providing prevention services to keep them from returning.

Whether you are dealing with a small mouse problem or a larger infestation of rats or squirrels, our experienced technicians have the knowledge and skills needed to get the job done right. We understand the dangers and risks associated with rodent infestations, and we are committed to providing safe and effective solutions that protect your property and your family.

Here are some of the types of damage that rodents can cause:

  • Structural damage: Rodents can cause significant structural damage to buildings by gnawing on walls, floors, and support beams, which can weaken the structure over time.
  • Electrical damage: Rodents are known to chew on electrical wires, which can cause short circuits and electrical fires, putting your property and your family at risk.
  • Contamination: Rodents can contaminate food sources and water supplies, spreading diseases and causing food poisoning.
  • Property damage: Rodents can damage personal property such as furniture, clothing, and documents, which can be costly to replace.
  • Landscaping damage: Rodents can dig tunnels and burrows in gardens and landscaping, destroying plants and trees, and causing damage to walkways and patios.

It’s essential to address rodent infestations as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your property. Contact Holder’s Pest Control & Wildlife Services today for professional rodent removal services that will keep your property and your family safe.


Learn more about rodent removal.

What types of wildlife do you specialize in removing?

Our team has experience with a wide range of wildlife species, including raccoons, squirrels, bats, opossums, skunks, groundhogs, birds, snakes, beavers, coyotes, foxes, moles, and voles.

What methods do you use to remove wildlife?

We use only the safest and most humane methods to remove unwanted wildlife from your property. This includes live trapping and relocation, exclusion techniques, and habitat modification.

Is Holder's licensed and insured?

Yes, we are licensed and insured to provide wildlife removal services in your area.

What should I do if I discover wildlife on my property?

Contact Holder’s Wildlife Removal Services immediately. We offer 24/7 emergency response services to help you quickly and safely remove unwanted wildlife from your property.

Can you prevent future wildlife intrusion?

Yes, we can identify and seal any potential entry points to prevent future wildlife intrusion. We can also provide habitat modification services to make your property less attractive to wildlife.

Do you offer attic and crawlspace cleanup and decontamination services?

Yes, our team can clean and decontaminate your attic or crawlspace after wildlife intrusion to ensure that your home is safe and healthy.

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, we offer a satisfaction guarantee for all of our wildlife removal services.

How much does Holder's charge for their services?

Our pricing varies depending on the type of wildlife, the extent of the problem, and the services needed. Contact us for a free estimate.

Can you remove dead animals from my property?

Yes, we offer dead animal removal services and can provide odor control services to eliminate any lingering smells.

Does Holder's offer rodent removal for commercial properties?

Yes, we offer wildlife removal services for both residential and commercial properties.

How can I schedule a wildlife removal service with Holder's Wildlife Removal Services?

You can contact us at 678-897-0651 or contact us to schedule your wildlife removal service. We offer also offer emergency response services.

We Our Customers

Don’t take our word for it, see what our satisfied customers have to say about our pest control services.

Carol HeapCarol Heap
18:07 25 Jan 23
Great experience! Mark is knowledgeable and fair. Very communicative! I knew exactly when his guys were coming and about what time. Benji and DJ did a great job of addressing all the areas of my home where I had gaps that were allowing squirrels into my attic. They were pleasant, efficient and accommodating. Strongly recommend this company.
Kyle GivensKyle Givens
02:18 06 Jan 23
Called Holders to remove an unknown critter from my house. Benji came out to do my inspection. He was personable, answered all my questions, and gave me a fair price for sealing my house and removal of the pest. He and DJ came back to do the work a couple days later. They were quick and thorough and sensitive to the fact that I had a sleeping newborn. Highly recommend.
18:46 22 Sep 22
Ricky and DJ with Holders Pest & Wildlife services performed our routine service today 9/2022. They were professional, courteous, attentive and appeared to be a good team. Ricky listened and addressed any of my concerns. I can't leave out Felicia, the receptionist, she is phenomenal! She's professional, understanding and willing to work with our schedule so that it's convenient on both sides. She's a keeper & we're grateful for her. Holders Pest & Wildlife has serviced our home for over 3 yrs and have remedied issues from mice, mites, stick bugs, antsand spiders. Being backed up to woods and a creek, we encounter a variety of creatures from time to time. I must add, although there's been a few staff changes over this time period, they still managed to provide good service each visit. Thank you for respecting our request of wearing your facial mask and shoe covers every visit! 🙂
17:49 31 Aug 22
We had a rodent problem and we chose Holder’s to do the job over our current brand name exterminator. I had a fantastic experience from the moment I called their number. The lady who took the call was very sweet and knowledgeable about the many questions I asked. Then she connected me directly with the technician, Benji, who would be coming out for the inspection. He too was so sweet and accommodating to our needs.I thought his initial inspection was done in a very professional manner. The quote and his explanation of the costs were straightforward and at no point, did he try to upsell me. The job was done in a few hours and cleanup was also done well. Benji also does a great job following up and keeping me informed.It’s definitely pricey but very much worth it to have peace of mind. It will save you from other more costly issues in the future. So far haven’t had any issues since they left.? I really liked the hands-on approach and general vibe of this company. There’s something personal about their touch that you don’t get from larger brand name companies.
Thanh SanThanh San
20:58 15 Jul 22
We had a pest issue in the attic decided to hire Holder Pest to take a look. They were able to handle the issue with speed, professionalism and effectiveness. Their prices were fair and they offer a one year warranty. Ricky and Benji were very friendly and helpful with the entire process. Thanks again. Would recommend both for any pest issues you may have.